Press Releases January 2019

Below are photos taken on the March Lions Presentation Evening.
Fifteen Young Leaders, Five Centennial Club Certificates of Appreciation and three Centennial Awards were presented by the Unitary Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, supported by The Mayor of March.

Young Leaders in Service Certificates:
20/20 Productions: Kayleigh Ashkettle, Eden Arnold, Jessica Davies, Kylan Nightingale, Max Louth, Gordon Parsonage, Jamie Hamilton, Ryan Price, Samantha Field, Keira Birkett and Anya Levicki.
Young People March: Leah Bass, Matthew Fletcher, Ethan Stalker and David Keteringham.

Centennial Certificates:
Robert Skoulding. Centennial Certificate.
Robert started to fundraise for Defibrillators for the town of March in May 2015 when he became Mayor. Since then he has continued fundraising and we now have 35 defibrillators installed in public places and available to the population of March 24 hours a day. He is continuing to fundraising to ensure the money is available to service the devices and also to replace the batteries and pads every time the defibrillator is used, and also to ensure batteries are replaced when necessary (apparently the batteries need replacing every 2 years). This costs about £200 per defibrillator every 2 years. Without Robert’s tireless work it is probable that we would not be blessed with so many defibrillators available to all around our small town.

Patrick Bennett. Centennial Certificate.
Patrick Bennett is the Chair, and driving force, behind a Voluntary Organisation – Positive People Care. Positive People Care supports people with long-term illnesses such as mental health problems, Cancer, Alzheimer’s etc. It also includes the carers in that support. They provide twice-weekly sessions in March and weekly sessions in Wisbech during which the attendees have art classes, games and social activities. Due to the specific conditions of the attendees, the total number of people being supported can fluctuate but is usually in the range 25 to 35. As well as the local sessions they also arrange 3 holidays a year for members who wish to go [ranging from Butlins at Skegness to Scotland and all points in between] and various day trips. This incredibly worthwhile organisation helps to engage with people, sometimes at their lowest ebb, by enabling them to get out into the community and move on with their lives whilst coping with their illness. Without the positivity and enthusiasm of Patrick, it is highly likely that this organisation would not have come into being and many people’s lives would have been less enjoyable.

Bartosz Alichper. Centennial Certificate.
Bartosz, or Barty as he is known is the proprietor of a local café called Paninis. For the last 3 Christmases he has served up Christmas lunch free of charge to approximately 40 people a year, these are generally people living on their own with no local families. He has also arranged through local taxis transport to get the lunch recipients to and from the café. During the year he also organises 2 or 3 “special” weeks when some of his coffee takings are donated to charity most recently to the Parkinson’s Society and MacMillan Cancer Care. Barty is doing something to make a difference in our local area.

Centennial Club Certificates of Appreciation:
Sarah Housley-Stott, Jayne Manders, Geri Crooke, Katherine Nightingale and Karen Coppin.